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  • Plasma LCD Euro-Cloth

    Plasma LCD Euro-Cloth

    Comes with 1 year warranty. Can only be purchased in Australia.

    Price: $29.95
    Size of Product: 64cm x 32cm Enter Quantity:

    • A Euro-Cloth Plasma and LCD Cleaner is an absolute necessity to ensure your screen remains crystal clear! The Euro-Cloth is quick and easy, using only a damp Euro-Cloth, which gives you a streak-free finish.
    • Not too many years ago it was common to have one or two TV's in our home. Today we have Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, laptop screens, computer monitors, mobile phones, GPS screens, Ipod screens ... the list goes on! All these screens are magnets for fingerprints, dust and dirt. Now not only do we have more screens, they are also portable and much bigger!
    • Plasma and LCD screens are very delicate and traditional cleaning methods can not be used. Euro-Cloth is re-educating consumers on how easy it is to clean Plasma or LCD screens without causing harmful damage. By using only a damp Euro-Cloth, the chances of any damage or fatigue to the screen is eliminated.
    • The Euro-Cloth Plasma and LCD Cleaner is the only product on the market that is endorsed by Panasonic, Pioneer and Toshiba. Why? because the Euro-Cloth meets the warranty criteria to care for and maintain your Plasma and LCD screen, unlike other products readily available in the market today.

    Used for the following:

    • Portable DVD Players
    • Glass Tables
    • TV Cabinets
    • Mirrors
    • TV Plastic Surrounds
    • Tiles
    • Windows
    • Stereo Systems
    • Laptops
    • Surround Sound Systems